All Natural Sunscreen

So it’s been a minute… but I’m back with another natural swap for you!

With Summer in full swing and everyone having more free time on their hands, we are finding ourselves going on more adventures and exploring the great outdoors. Which is wonderful, but how do we protect ourselves whilst enjoying nature’s beauty? We lug around our grab bag of commercial sunblocks, bug repellents, and whatever else hiding at the bottom.

Nothing says, “I’ll pass” harder on a day outdoors than blistered skin and swollen bug bites. 😖

Somewhere in the woods Lancaster, SC
Photo cred: CC

So, our summer essentials bag really is a necessity to enjoy nature and maybe filter out a little of the less friendly parts.

How can we do this in a environmentally safe way that is also safer for us?

By using natural products or creating our own at home. I get it, why spend a few extra dollars for an all natural product or buying all the ingredients, only to make it ourselves? Convenience… well, it is something.

We can all make the swap on this easy to make DIY All Natural Sunscreen. It takes a bit more effort than running into your local store, but the benefits for you, your family, and our planet are exponential.

Some of the ingredients you may already have. For anything you may not, check with friends and family, maybe they have what you are missing. My point is be resourceful and use what you have. I made a few tweaks to a couple recipes I came across, so don’t stress if you can’t find Hemp Seed Oil or have an allergy to almond oil. You got this!

Follow along below to make your own All Natural Water Resistant Sunscreen!

What you need:

  • Shea Butter 1/2 cup 4-6 SPF
  • Coconut Oil 1/4 cup 4-6 SPF
  • Almond Oil 1/4 cup 5 SPF
  • Hemp Seed Oil 1/4 cup 6 SPF
  • Non nano zinc oxide 2-3 Tbls 2-20 SPF
  • Cocoa powder 2-3+/- tsp for color
  • Beeswax 1/4 cup (water resistance)
  • Vitamin E oil ( I added a few drops)
  • Essential Oils- 60 drops for a 1% dilution
  • Bottle with secured lid. (I reused empty coconut oil bottles)

This recipe makes between 13 and 14 oz. I had empty 4 oz coconut oil bottles and was able to fill two of those and another 5 oz bottle as well. I always love to prepare a batch large enough for extras, so I can pass on the love.

Step 1: Don’t mess this up!

Just kidding. Have fun and relax is the first step in every process.

Step 2:

Add beeswax, coconut, almond, hemp seed, and Shea butter to a dish for a double broiler or one that is microwave safe.

The double broiler method is best for melting down the oils, Shea butter and beeswax, but if you are careful and allow the mixture to cool properly you can absolutely use your microwave. I put it on 30 second intervals, checked and stirred in between until the mixture was warm enough to dissolve all particles.

Next you add your essential oils. Be sure to allow your mixture to cool a little before adding oils. You don’t want to “burn” off your precious oils. Also, add a few drops of Vitamin E oil for extra skin nourishment.

I chose Lavender and Peppermint for their sun protection factors (SPF) that are found naturally occurring. Plants are amazing, right?!

Lavender has an SPF of 6-8 and Peppermint is about 7 SPF! Frankincense was chosen for the amazing benefits for skin damage. It is often referred to as “Botox in a bottle”. Frankincense has long been revered for anti aging effects, along with helping to banish dark sun spots and fine lines.

So far, our mixture is roughly 33-35 SPF. A SPF of 30 is the minimum recommendation. You can stop here if you would like. I personally have used 50+ SPF for years, as I have learned more about the damaging effects of the Sun. So we continue…

Zinc Oxide is a powdered mineral that is naturally occurring. The non nano factor refers to the particle size, in that it is not small enough to penetrate your skin through your pores. Non nano zinc oxide sits atop the skins surface to effectively block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Non nano particles are also safer for our rivers, lakes and oceans! #savethefishies.

This can be purchased online. I was impatient and grabbed a commercial base with the highest percentage of active ingredients. Guys, this was only 23%. Even though it is paraben, dye, and cruelty free. My base is not all natural. Don’t make my mistake. Just be patient and order the zinc or if you are lucky to have a great local bulk apothecary store, give them a try.

The tiny bits are hemp seed particles.

Step 3:

Add 2-4 tablespoons of non nano zinc oxide to your mixture and thoroughly blend.

Next is your cocoa powder. This is to offset the stark white of zinc oxide. How much you add is entirely up to you and your complexion. If you are fair add a few teaspoons. If your complexion is medium (my current situation), go for a few more. If you have a darker complexion, yes! you too need sun protection, add until you receive the desired color. I added about 2 tablespoons to my mixture and I feel it blends well.

Once all ingredients have been added, the waiting game takes over. To cool your mixture, leave it at room temperature for a few hours and then transfer to your bottle to easily be dispensed.

I, of course tested this immediately and found it to be super effective! This sunscreen has an SPF of 50+ which is perfect to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. It is also water resistant thanks to the beeswax, but does need to be reapplied after extensive time in the water. No brainer there!

I also found the Lavender, Frankincense, and Peppermint oil effective in warding off unwanted insects. Dual purpose and natural. What is not to love about this?

Make your own today!!!

Give this recipe a try before the Summer slips into Fall and let me know below how it worked for you!

✨ Follow along next week for a quick After Sun Spray using Peppermint essential oil and Aloe!

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