Lemon Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses

Lemon essential oil is one of the most used oils in my home. With so many great benefits, I find myself adding it to laundry, home cleaners, and even using in skin treatments.

I am a sucker for fresh, citrusy aromas and Lemon is my all time favorite! A combination of Lavender and Lemon diffused is a powerful combo to combat stress as well!

See the board for a list of great ways to use Lemon essential oil in your life.

I use Simply Earth brand oils for their quality and the company’s mission. Giving 13% back to help fight human trafficking while also providing 100% pure, quality tested essential oils! Only you won’t pay the price you may for other brands! No arm twisting here, just honest oils at honest prices!

Get Lemon Essential Oil for only $9.99

Simply Earth oils are available in the Boutique! Replenish your supply now!

What are some of your favorite uses for Lemon essential oil? Tell me below!👇🏼

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