Easy DIY All Natural Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap

Hey, you! Yes, you! The one that is trying to think of practical ways to bring natural products into your home and just don’t know where to start.

Well..this one is easy, and you will use it every day!

That’s right, this easy diy will have you replacing your old expensive, chemical laden, perfumed hand soaps and give your hands what they really need. An all natural, antibacterial foaming soap, which also helps you use less. Clean and green! ✅ 💪

Let’s discuss, briefly, the need to remove over the counter antibacterial soaps from our homes.

One of the most common ingredients used in antibacterial products, such as soaps, disinfectants, and even toothpaste is Triclosan.

Triclosan is a chemical compound that was first introduced in the 1960’s and dominated the market for its antibacterial properties. Until 2016, it could be found as the active ingredient in most antibacterial cleaning products in your home.

So, what’s the big deal?

While there has not been direct links to adversely affecting humans, it has been know to affect the hormone signaling in animals during lab testing. Furthermore, environmental build up causes diminished algae growth in aquatic ecosystems. Our planet is our only home… why poison it? When, according to the FDA, no sufficient evidence has been provided supporting products with Triclosan to be any better than plain soap and water.

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The last con of Triclosan and similar compounds used is that bacteria can become resistant with prolonged exposure. So, repeated use can actually be harmful in that the bacteria present is no longer being effected by the products you think are working. Scientists are also concerned that prolonged exposure will also allow bacteria to build resistance to antibiotics prescribed by doctors. Ever wonder why that last round of antibiotics didn’t work? It’s likely, the strain you caught was resistant to the antibiotic due to this type of exposure.

The FDA banned the use of Triclosan, Triclocarban, and nineteen other similar compounds from consumer antiseptics, cleaners in 2017 stating the benefit does not outweigh the risk. The CDC stands by the good old fashioned “plain soap and water” is the best method for removing viruses and bacteria.

So, why use an all natural antibacterial soap vs. plain hand soap?

For the added benefits, of course!

For starters, the properties of essential oils have been used for thousands of years with little to no adverse effects when used in proper ratios. Second, many are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic.

Making this diy foaming hand soap a safe, all natural way to effectively clean your hands, boost your immune system, and fight off germs with out the chemicals. This recipe is safe for all ages at a < .25% ratio. It is NOT pet friendly due to the use of certain essential oils. See E.O 101: Part 2 for a complete list of essential oils that are not safe for pets. Follow along and be sure to get your free Recipe card and Label printable below!

For this project you will need:

  • a 16 oz soap dispenser, preferably with foaming head.
  • 1/4 cup Castile soap
  • 1 TBLS Almond oil
  • 1 TBLS Vegetable Glycerin
  • Distilled water
  • 20- 25 drops of your favorite E.O.

I used Simply Earth’s Defender Blend for this project. It is a blend of Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove. All known for their antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal properties and immune support.

Get this amazing blend for only $14.99!!

First, you combine the Castile soap, almond oil( great for moisturizing), and vegetable glycerin in the dispenser bottle. Then add 20- 25 drops of the essential oil or blend of choice. Gently swirl the bottle to mix ingredients.

A few other options for E.O.s are, tea tree, lavender, lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Again, many essential oils have these properties and also have other added benefits. Choose what best suits you and your family.

To finish, top the remainder of the bottle off with distilled water leaving room for the dispenser pump to be secured. I then gently tip the mixture back and forth slowly to prevent causing too many bubbles to mix. A little will be fine, but the point of the foaming soap is to pull less liquid than a standard pump. Less bubbles equals more liquid for the pump to pull from… Make sense?

Free Recipe Card and Label Printable 👇

Make sure to add your label. All products should be labeled for safety!

And then, please, go wash your hands!

Thanks for following along! What are your favorite hand soap blends? Share, like, and comment below!!

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