DIY Nail Polish Marbling!

Have you seen those really unique water color or marbled mugs, coasters, clay pots and so many more?

Well, now you can have the same look for so, so much less! And even find a way to recycle those “ what was I thinking” colors or even the ones you’ve had for years that’s aren’t your thing anymore!!

DIY marbled mini pots with Spring Succulents

Let’s get started!

I painted these white for the contrast of the colorful polish


  • A few bottles of nail polish (***note *** not fast drying, trust me!😉)
  • Your canvas ( ie: mug, flower pot, coaster)
  • Container deep enough to dip your project into
  • Water
  • 1 toothpick
  • Parchment or wax paper for surface prep
  • Polish remover in case there is a mistake

Yep! That’s it! Kind of simple, huh?

Next, you want to fill your container with water at your desired depth.

** Remember, you will want to submerge project, so decide how much marbling you want

Color #1

You will then pour your polish directly from the bottle in a circular motion and move quickly if you are doing multiple colors.

I opened all bottles and set wand aside for the quick transition.

Adding another layer

Once you have achieved the desired amount of polish and layers, take a toothpick and give it a quick swirl. The colors will begin to marble.

Quickly, dip your project into the water. You can be creative with this. Dip at an angle for a geometric look, or as I did, straight down.

Just one more layer!

Make sure once you have dipped your project to not dip again. The polish begins to dry and can leave your project a little messy. Take the toothpick and scrape excess polish and discard. Repeat the process after allowing to dry thoroughly if you would like to add a second layer.

Allow to dry thoroughly

Once your project has dried, do something fun with it! Give it as a gift or display it proudly for all to see your expert crafting abilities. And GUYS I did this project for less than $3, not including the succulents. Those, I picked up from a local nursery for $2.50 each.

I had so much fun And so can YOU!! 💪 🎨

Roll up your sleeves and give this fun diy a try!

Proudly displayed!

I hope you loved following along with me on this easy DIY Nail Polish Tutorial! What are some other projects you would like to see? Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️✌️❤️

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