Texas Part One : Houston in 48 hours

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping in and checking out the adventures I had during our first (but definitely not the last) Texas experience!

@tinyrecreations beautifully designed tiny home

I was told I was crazy to try to “see it all” during our 72 hours in Houston and Waco, but my curious nature and sense for adventure told me to go for it anyway. My brother, who recently moved just north of Ft. Worth, said you could easily spend two weeks jumping city to city and not see half of what the great state of Texas has to offer.

And let me tell you guys, it did not disappoint!

From walking Houston’s beautiful Downtown District and historic 19th Street to the amazing food scene and beautiful parks. Houston is a lively, culturally diverse city that demands the spotlight.

The vibes I get here beg for a sense of wander to get out and explore no matter what your interests are. The vibrant people, that are uniquely cultural, mixed in with that big Texas personality the state is known for, bring so much diversity that you can spend days exploring each one and their impacts that have been left as murals for future generations to add to.

Hero’s of Houston Mural in Houston Heights

The flight was an early one, as we wanted as much time in Houston as possible. I kept calm by using my Tranquility Blend essential oil. My nerves are still on edge at take off and landing!

We arrived by 10 am on our first day and were in desperate need of a little vacation beverage and breakfast so my hanger did not start to set in! (Feed me!!)

Snooze an Am Eatery is a chain with a few locations across the U.S. hit just the spot with their selection of creative mimosas and delicious eats. We gorged ourselves on steak and eggs Benedict, a habanero pork belly smash, pineapple upside down pancakes, and orange cranberry pancakes. We love to eat, especially in a new city. It is a huge part of immersing myself wholly.

Next we explored the Historic 19th Street that is known for it’s re-gentrification of dated buildings into eclectic shops like Emerson Rose and Man Ready Mercantile. You can even explore the mural work on the sides of buildings. There are plenty on 19th street alone and much much more throughout the city.

Mural off 19th Street Houston Heights
Mural off 19th Street in Houston Heights

After walking off breakfast, we checked into our Tiny home at Tiny Recreations. They offer two rental options or you can even commission them to build your very own.

My first tiny home experience!

This was my first experience in a true tiny home and this one is on wheels!! The craftsmanship, thoughtful touches, and functional design almost had me wanting to cuddle up and be a home body!

In love with this simple design. I didn’t feel confined in any way.

The hosts were great as well, and recommended many restaurants and activities for our trip. Try going tiny on your next trip and check out Rene and Veronica’s Tiny Recreations next time you are in Houston!

Next on our itinerary was the official weigh-ins for UFC 247. Colin is a huge (larger than life) fan and with time, my interest in the sport has grown. Lucky he has a wonderful partner that really wanted to go to Texas … Whoops! I mean one that just couldn’t miss this main card!

In all seriousness, it is a good time on a Saturday night with some of the best of friends and I will forever cherish those memories.

The weigh ins are basically a formality as the weighing has already been done prior. It’s done primarily for the fans, media, and hype. And hype it was indeed. The atmosphere was electric for both the weigh ins and the big show. The Toyota Center did not disappoint and the event definitely grew our excitement for Saturday’s card!

For drinks and grub afterwards we walked through downtown to The Conservatory on Prarie St. We were so excited to try it this underground Food and Beer Hall. They have a rotation of unique food, beer, and wine vendors from pizza to Pho. Unfortunately, they were under a renovation at the time, but the owner was out front and suggested Moonshiners just a few yards away.

Moonshiners has a great menu for local favorites and of course handcrafted cocktails made with, you guessed it, moonshine. I’m a southern girl, moonshine makes my heart happy! We wrapped up our night after and began to gear up for day two.

This had hibiscus and toasted coconut

Day 2: Artsy Fartsy

Day two started with a slow morning and coffee at the tiny home. After mustering the energy to explore, we were advised to check out some local BBQ, which led us back to the Heights District. Pinkerton’s is a locally owned and family operated BBQ joint serving up some of the best BBQ I have ever had. Again, midday conversations with my stomach told me to order it all. We tried, but with so many selections, it is not a feat easily accomplished.

We settled for their Glazed Ribs, Pulled Pork, and it wouldn’t be Texas BBQ with out Texas Brisket! A kid in a candy store is what comes to mind when making selections as you pass their line of freshly sliced, pulled, and smoked meats. The sides were, of course, amazing as well and we enjoyed heaping portions of mac-n-cheese, potato salad, and jambalaya with smoked duck and sausage. If you are a BBQ lover such as myself, I highly suggest you run to Pinkertons for the smokiest, most tender, fall-of-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth BBQ around!

The spread at Pinkerton’s

After a substantial lunch we were in need of a little physical exertion and made our way around looking for more murals. Houston’s murals are truly spectacular and each is so unique. When planning a trip to HTX make sure to add a few to your list. Most are on actual businesses and have vehicles parked in front of them. Also, try going earlier as they are pretty popular and many are out to having photography sessions at busier times of the day.

Monroe’s Paint Wall

Also close by is the Museum for Fine Arts, Houston. The plaza just outside has a space like, bean like sculpture by British sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor. Named the Cloud Column, similar to and made by the same artist as Chicago’s Cloud Gate. Also known as Chicago’s Bean. The stairs on the right of the Plaza lead to the Rooftop Garden above the Glassel School of Art. From there you have a spectacular view of downtown and during the warm months you can observe a thriving garden with a killer view.

Cloud Column by Sir Anish Kapoor
A view from the Rooftop Garden

A short drive south to Munger St., we wandered through Smither Park. This urban space was created with self taught art and recycling in mind. With over 300 artists contributing to the menagerie of mosaic and coming together collectively to support use of recycled materials, this park is bizarrely beautiful. I especially loved the use of old nail polish bottles. If you are ever wondering what to do with those old dried up ones, give mosaic a try!

Check these upcycled nail polish bottles!

Annnnnnd now, the moment you all have been waiting for! In the voice of the great Bruce Buffer! UFC! Honestly the night was electric. The crowd was responsive and the hell these athletes put themselves through for the love of the sport and our entertainment is astonishing. The main card for the night didn’t go as many in attendance thought they witnessed, but all in all it was one hell of a fight. I always encourage going to the live event with sports. Watching from a bar or home just doesn’t do it for me. I’m a lover of sports but I need atmosphere and excitement. The UFC does not disappoint!

After our long day that quickly went to 1 am, we tucked in one last time in our tiny home and rested for our 4 hour drive to Ft. Worth and onward to Waco! I am not going to lie, this is what I was anticipating the most. I’m a major Magnolia addict!

Stay tuned in for the Waco blog where I’ll share all the best of Waco that could be absorbed in 24 hours!

What are some of your favorite Houston spots? Drop a comment!

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