DIY Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner

One of the largest challenges we have as a consumer is finding truly all natural products that also minimize our environmental impact. I can’t tell you how many brands one could try and yet, still fail at meeting the criteria of being clean, green, and sustainable.

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If you are like most, what you bring into your home to clean isn’t always a top priority.

We have a million things that are more important, right? The label says it cleans, and well, it cleans. But what else is it doing? What else is being left behind to be absorbed by your family and pets?

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Phthalates found in “fragranced” cleaners. Triclosan, an antimicrobial, found in dishwashing detergents and handsoaps. 2-Butoxyethanol found in window and glass cleaners. Chlorine and Ammonia are also present in quite a few of the everyday cleaning products we use. And this is just naming a few.

What do all of these have in common?

They are toxic to you!

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Not only that, but there is no federal regulation mandating manufactures disclose these ingredients plainly. These products could be labeled as “green” or “eco-friendly” but if you do a quick Google search on their ingredients, you may be shocked at what you find.

Research suggests links to the obvious: skin irritations, inflammation, breathing constrictions to asthma, hormonal disruption and the one that scares everyone, cancer.

It’s not so much being exposed to one of these chemicals, but most likely a combination of them and over prolonged periods of time. Think about the headache and nausea inducing smells. The inflamed skin after use. Now imagine a build up of the chemicals in your system and the serious threat they impose.

So how do we protect ourselves from these silent killers?

We arm ourselves with knowledge, intention, and just a little effort.

Read the labels, do your homework on products you use, and remove products that are harmful to your family’s health. Opt in for true natural cleaners with short ingredient lists or better yet you can even make your own.

This is the effort part guys! I’m guilty of buying new products when I was in need and thought I was doing right by purchasing products claiming to be all natural. Only to be “surprised” at home after using the product. We shouldn’t be surprised. We should take matters into our own hands. Product research and creating our own with easy DIY’s.

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Continue reading for a no fuss DIY All Purpose Cleaner that is natural and safe for your home.

To start you will need:

Your favorite essential oil. I used Clean and Fresh a mixture of fir, grapefruit and neroli oils (Get yours HERE!!)

Dish detergent. Read your label to make sure it’s natural. I used Love Home & Planet to add extra citrus.

A measuring cup, cleaning vinegar, recycled, empty and clean spray bottle, tape, and scrap paper for your label. Nothing fancy here y’all just use what you have or you could even splurge for pretty sustainable glass bottles.

Start by adding equal parts water and vinegar leaving just a little bit of room at the top of bottle. Add 1 tea spoon of dish detergent and 25 drops of your favorite essential oils. Lemon, tea tree, and fir are great for natural cleaners.

Now this is the hard part guys! Add all ingredients together in spray bottle and give a thorough shake. Voilà! You have just made your first step and best weapon for keeping your home clean, green, and safe!

I use my all purpose primarily in my kitchen and floors, but it could be used safely in cleaning almost anything. Now get to it and rid your homes of toxins! Take the challenge and look through your products today!

Thank you so much for continuing on this Green journey with me! If you like what you’ve learned drop a comment, like and share so we can grow our love of wholesome products and knowledge!

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