Ready .. Set .. Launch!

Hello fellow wanderers!

I am so exciting you have joined me for the launch of Naturally Mk Blog and Boutique! I have been steadily working behind the scenes to build a space in which we can all learn, share and collaborate in an array of topics from crafting and wood working to clean and green approaches and natural wellness!

My mission is sharing my love of creativity and my “girls can do it too” attitude with home projects and diys. I hope to grow as we learn together by creating discussions on clean and green initiatives and healthy mind, body, and soul practices.

I’m Makayla, by the way!

Some know me as Mk. And for those that do, they know how scattered I can be. I have so many interests and I never let conventions stop me from exploring. I am my most free in my creative state and feel true bliss when I’m working with my hands. Until a few months ago, I was like most, working 45+ hours a week grinding for a small cut off another’s paycheck. Working for the man, so to speak. I enjoyed it, actually. I loved the relationships I built and the knowledge I gained in my time at my previous job.

But that was it. It was a job. I had no passion left in what I was doing. It was no longer satisfying my shifting needs out of life. So, I threw caution to the wind and I jumped into the renovation of my 1941 home. I pressed on further by selling my flip and moving 2 hours from my hometown of the past 12 years. If you didn’t think I was crazy yet.. wait for it!

I decided I couldn’t allow the opportunity to pass without giving it a true shot at being happy and pursuing my ambitions. I decided not to seek full time opportunities but to instead dive in, head first, and allow my heart and mind to wander a bit.


And so, Naturally Mk, my long time passion was reborn into Naturally Mk Blog & Boutique! I’ve combined my love of learning and sharing with my passion of providing readers practical resources for cleaner, natural living.

At the Boutique you can find essential oils by Simply Earth, accessories, diffuser jewelry, and the Emporium. The Emporium is my odd ball collection of new, re-loved, and “one-off” items. The inventory is constantly rotating as I collect new exciting products on my travels. Click HERE to see what’s new!

Thanks for dropping in and sharing in my excitement as I begin this new journey in life! I hope to inspire, but I will settle to know maybe I gave someone the push they need to follow their dreams!! 🙂

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